Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Got a Pass for Yesterday

I think I definitely get a pass for not writing yesterday.  Here's my story....

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. with one of my kids, drank an entire pot of coffee, and was ready for a nap by 9 a.m.  Usually one cup of coffee is more than enough to keep me moving all day.  I was exhausted and was feeling a little sick. 

My baby, however, was supersick.  He apparently pooped buckets of diarrhea poop at the end of his nap, which leaked out of his diaper and all over his blankets, his precious blankets that he can't live without.  He had a stash of pacifiers (also his Precious) in the mess of pooey blankets, which I had to pitch later, met with screams of horror from my stiny babe.  When I walked into his room when he woke up from his nap, he cried, "Poop!" and pointed to his hand, which was covered with watery poop.

I didn't need him to tell me what had happened, the smell was so sickening, the noxious fumes filling the air.  He is my third child, but definitely the stinkiest.  For several hours even after I cleaned his bottom, bagged the diaper, gave him a bath, and collected everything out of his bed, the smell hovered.  My daughter smelled it from the bottom of the stair.  I would imagine a rotting dead body couldn't smell worse.  The air cleaner took a while to work.

Since I'm trying to be a better, more descriptive writer, I thought it would be good to use some strong words for "stinky."  My really terrible thesaurus only has this for an entry for stink (v) and nothing for stinky (adj):  "smell bad; emit a bad stench, be offensive" - seriously?

How's about feculent, malodorous, smelly?  When I search stinky online, I get "malodorous," which is better.  When I look up malodorous in my really horrifically bad paper thesaurus, it's not there.  When I look online, I get a ton of words including fetid, foul, fusty, musty, noisome, rank, reeking, putrid, rancid, disgusting, offensive, repulsive, revolting, decayed, noxious, odorous, odoriferous, and vile.  The smell was all that and more.  Luckily, he's smelling like a sweet little baby today....

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