Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I'm Back

Hi, y'all. It's been a while.

My blog has been so dormant, the spammers gave up on me. Blogger cut off my email notifications as if it was giving me a time out.

The short version of what has happened in the last 14 or so months since I vanished from here:

-- Wrote a lot of stories. A couple of them got published. Note to self to shout that out another day.
-- Was a fellow at the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop last summer.
-- Did a bunch of readings.
-- Went on some retreats.
-- Won a fellowship to do a one-on-one novel workshop with an amazingly accomplished editor (more later).

Many good things are coming along down the road, the first of which is my novel will soon be ready to query. For those of you that knew me from before, yes, the same novel. Different POV (this one has had four - and it really needed this last one). Much cleaner. Less flab. Am super excited to be so close to finishing it.

I intend to have this thing done April 20. Clock is ticking. Back to work . . . .

Note: I am @TonjaMReynolds on Twitter. Please join me if you are there anyway. Website is tonjareynolds.com.



  1. Hey Tonya! It has been a long time.
    Blogger no longer sends email notification so it's not just you.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your writing accomplishments.

    1. It has, right. Hope things are going well for you.